Training your dogue is essential to good health and quality of life. There are many methods for training your dogue; food reward, praise reward, tool correction, and spirit breaking (a technique I never recommend). However, there is one method of training that every dogue owner could practice without the help of a professional dog trainer or a company providing group courses and that's socializing your dogue. Try to relax and remain calm in every environment and situation to maintain a relaxed behavior. This technique is very healthy for your dogue. Anxiety and excessively nervous energy are common problems dogue owners experience when dogs don't get properly socialized.

The first way, then, to raise a dog with a healthy social life is to expose it to other dogs and people as much as possible. The more your dog is exposed to social situations, seeing other dogs, and seeing how other dogs react, the better they will be able to socialize in the future. If your dogue is aggressive towards dogs and people it doesn't mean that you should stop socializing your dogue. As long as you, the owner, can control your dogue and the dogue is safe as well as people and other animals around are safe, it is still very important to expose your dogue to a large variety of new experiences and places in a calm and relaxing manner. This will provide a healthier life style for your dogue. When this particular breed is placed in high stress situations, it can cause anxiety that becomes a panic attack which can lead to over heating or symptoms similar to an asthma attack. Not to scare you but this could kill your dogue. However, if you raise your Bordeaux in a loving environment, with plenty of healthy social interactions, you can enjoy the company of your dogue for many years to come.

Dietrich Brown
Kennel Master & Professional Dog Traininer/Handler

Phone: (888) 268-4202 | (818) 614-7712

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Hamilton is absolutely incredible with the kids. He gets compliments every time we take him out.

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